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General Counsel Services

Just because you don't have an attorney on staff doesn't mean you don't need one. Kreider Hughes Law understands that businesses need advocates, too.  That's why the firm is proud to offer a broad range of general counsel services to companies of all sizes including guidance on employee issues, regulatory compliance, workplace best practices, corporate governance, and vendor contracts. Whether you have an ongoing need for general counsel services, or are seeking project-based assistance, Kreider Hughes Law can help. 


Winston Churchill once said: “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” Among all of the many things that are unknowable about the future, there are a few eventualities that each of us will need to contend with.  Now is the time to lay the groundwork for whatever lies ahead. Whether that includes writing a will, establishing a trust, or memorializing your wishes in a healthcare directive, Kreider Hughes Law can help  you manifest your intentions to protect what is most important to you now and in the years and decades to come. 


Contracts make the world go round. They are the building blocks of relationships of every kind serving to memorialize the promises made by each party to sustain the arrangement.  As commonplace as they are, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that contracts are legal instruments powerful enough to subject their signatories to liability, including significant financial consequences.  If you are seeking an advocate with extensive experience negotiating and drafting contracts, including non-disclosure agreements, loan documents, buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, consulting agreements, professional services agreements and the like look no further. Kreider Hughes Law can help you build a network of service providers, vendors, and customers with confidence that their performance and your interests are secured.


With all of life's twists and turns, there are times when you need someone in your corner to look out for your interests. Whether you are seeking advice on a contract you've been asked to sign, or find yourself embroiled in a dispute, Kreider Hughes Law will gladly to step into the role of Advocate-in-Chief on your behalf.  The firm can assist with landlord/tenant issues, contract analysis and negotiation, risk assessments, and a myriad of situations otherwise warranting the advice and guidance of legal counsel. Your advocate will take the time to understand the variables of your unique situation and develop a resolution strategy to meet your objectives. Contact Kreider Hughes Law today to schedule a free consultation. 


For those seeking to bring their ideas to life, time is an especially precious commodity. Let Kreider Hughes Law help you get your business up and running on firm, compliant footing. Your advocate will handle every step of the process from entity formation, state registrations and licensing to drafting corporate governance documents and filing annual reports.  For ongoing support throughout the new company's ramp-up period and beyond, startup clients can take advantage of the firm's flexible general counsel service packages to ensure they have an advocate in their corner every step of the way.  


Behind every business are its people. Kreider Hughes Law supports not only the people that dare to dream, but the people that are tasked to help bring those dreams to life. At the heart of the firm's employment law practice is the belief that great employers attract and retain happy, productive employees. Whether you are a new business owner seeking to hire your first employee, or have been creating jobs for generations, Kreider Hughes Law can help your company maintain a compliant workplace and an enthusiastic workforce.



As part of Kreider Hughes Law's commitment to offering sound, accessible legal representation the firm's operations are tailored to reduce costs and increase efficiency at every level. We are virtually paperless, offer clients the ability to submit signatures electronically, provide access to a secure, online portal to facilitate the confidential exchange of information, and otherwise utilize tools, technology and resources to fulfill our mission.  

The firm's general counsel services are offered on a tiered, fixed-fee basis; for all other services we charge either hourly rates or fixed fees, depending on the scope of our engagement. Regardless of the fee arrangement, all time expended on a case or matter is accounted for and recorded on monthly invoices. Conscientious billing ensures that your advocate will only work for as long as required to provide skillful, diligent counsel, so you’ll never be charged for unproductive time.

In the hope that cost will never be a barrier to the firm's engagement, Kreider Hughes Law welcomes the opportunity to discuss any budgetary concerns or questions you may have. Call or email to schedule a free consultation.