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Because life's better with an advocate


Because life’s better with an advocate


Kreider Hughes Law At a Glance 

Kreider Hughes Law was established to offer small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking general legal support a convenient, cost-effective alternative to staff attorneys and expensive law firms.  Businesses across the spectrum are required to operate within prescribed regulatory frameworks, and are regularly confronted with situations warranting the advice of legal counsel. With well over a decade of experience helping companies navigate regulatory terrain, negotiate contractual relationships, and structure corporate transactions, I understand the challenges business owners face developing and growing successful enterprises in today's dynamic environment. Kreider Hughes Law is proud to support those driven to innovate, create jobs, and pursue their passions with sound, accessible legal advice without the payroll commitment or mega firm sticker shock.  Interested in learning more? Click on the box below for information on the firm's service offerings. 





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Areas of Practice

General Counsel Services

Businesses need advocates, too, and Kreider Hughes Law is proud to offer a broad range of general counsel services to companies of all sizes including guidance on employee issues, regulatory compliance, workplace best practices, corporate governance, and third party agreements. 


Winston Churchill once said: “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” Among all of the many things that are unknowable about the future, there are a few eventualities that each of us will need to contend with. Kreider Hughes Law can help you manifest your intentions to protect what is most important to you now and in the years and decades to come. 


Contracts make the world go round. They are the building blocks of relationships of every kind serving to memorialize the promises made by each party to sustain the arrangement. As commonplace as they are, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that contracts are legal instruments that have the potential to subject signatories to liability, including significant financial consequences. Kreider Hughes Law can help you build a network of service providers, vendors, and customers with confidence that their performance and your interests are secured. 


With all of life's twists and turns, there are times when you need someone in your corner to look out for your interests. Whether you are seeking advice on a contract you've been asked to sign, or find yourself embroiled in a dispute, Kreider Hughes Law will gladly step into the role of Advocate-in-Chief on your behalf.  

Startup support

For those seeking to bring their ideas to life, time is an especially precious commodity.  Kreider Hughes Law can help you get your business up and running on firm, compliant footing. Your advocate will handle every step of the process from entity formation, state registrations and licensing to drafting corporate governance documents and filing annual reports.   


Behind every business are its people. Kreider Hughes Law supports not only the people that dare to dream, but the people that are tasked to help bring those dreams to life. At the heart of the firm's employment law practice is the belief that great employers attract and retain happy, productive employees. Whether you are a new business owner seeking to hire your first employee, or have been creating jobs for generations, Kreider Hughes Law can help your company maintain a compliant workplace and an enthusiastic workforce.

Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.
— Ellen Degeneres


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